The Scope Of Equal Protection Under The Law Today

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The scope of Equal Protection under the law today is very broad but it can be described as a phrase in the fourteenth amendment that makes sure all citizens in the United States are equal under the law and are guaranteed the same rights, privileges, and protections no matter race, gender, skin color, etc. This means that no states may pass laws that are unequal or segregate citizens for any reasons. This helps the United States be a safer place to live for all citizens. Equal Protection being used can be seen in various points of history. Equality was the one thing everyone wanted but not everybody had.

Though the the United States is supposed to known for being the land of the equal and free that is not always the case. Ever since the creation of the United States inequality has been a constant problem. We have had major segregation and a lot of discrimination happen in the history and it continues to happen to this day. In July 1848, the world’s first women’s rights convention happened and the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolution was shared. This document advocated women’s rights and declared equality between men and women. Up until that time women were treated like property and really had rights at all. That document is a perfect example of Equal Protection under the law. After the document was shared it …show more content…

When anyone feels inferior, unequal, or unjustified then they are not safe and that is going against what the constitution said it was going to do and provide. That means that the United States is not fulfilling its duty as a country it is failing to do what it promised to its

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