The Semantics Of Flowers On Memorial Day By Bob Hicok

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In “The Semantics of Flowers on Memorial Day” by Bob Hicok, is a similar take to war poems. However, it talks about the meaning of each flowers that were given on Memorial Day and how it doesn’t compare to the actions of war. The poet’s word choice and metaphors gave the poem details about Memorial Day and war. The author used words like “fucking trench foot,” “sex please now,” and “saying high-density bombing” (7-10). The word choice showed the character of the uncle. In addition, they were italicized which can be emphasis or what the uncle said about war. In addition, he used metaphors. In the poem, he said “Petunias are an apology/ for ignorance, my confidence” (8-9). The flowers that everyone uses is a metaphor for something and that helped

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