The Setting Is Important To The Plot Of 7th Grade By Gary Soto

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In the two stories, 7th Grade by Gary Soto and Charles, the main characters lied to impress or not get in trouble. In 7th Grade, this Victor set a goal and it was that Teresa is going to be his girlfriend this year. Then Victor had French class with Teresa and impressed her by having teresa thinking that he can speak french by mumbling words. In the story Charles the Moms son Laurie would come home from school and even though it was him he would lie to his parents so he wouldn’t get in trouble he would tell his parents “this kid Charles was so bad in school today. He disobeyed the teachers rules and kicked her”. Then in the end of the story the mom finally gets to meet Laurie Teacher and asked about this kid Charles and the teacher said “there is no charles in the kindergarten”.

Describe how the setting was important to the plot of 7th grade. The setting is mainly in middle school. I know this because the title states “Seventh Grade”. I also know why the main setting is in middle school is because in paragraph 13 it states “in homeroom” and also things like “English,Social studies, math and …show more content…

I know this because in the second paragraph it states “he came home the same way, the front door slamming open, his cap on the floor, and the voice suddenly become raucous shouting isn’t anybody here”. That paragraph gave me key words like home,the front door slamming and lourie shouting isn’t anybody here.that makes me think that the setting was at home. Another sentence from the book that makes me think that the main setting was at home is “how was school today i asked, elaborately casual. All right he said did you learn anything his father asked. Laurie regarded his father coldly. I didn’t learn nothing he said”. That proves that the main setting is at home because usually when you get home from school your parents ask “how was school”. This was my paragraph on how the setting was mainly at home in the story

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