The Significance Of The Electoral College

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It is arguable whether or not electoral college is relevant or not to our society. While many may argue that this system is not convenient, from my perspective it is. There are several statements from the article The Electoral College is an Excellent System by George F. Will that lead me to believe that the electoral college is most suitable for our present life. The electoral college system the most appropriate way of electing the President. Electoral college is convenient in several ways. Firstly, the electoral votes prevents conflict and makes it clear on who wins. On December 16th 2016 George F Will wrote The Electoral College is an Excellent System in which he quotes that we used the popularity vote and one person won by a few more votes, the losing candidate could “...challenge the results in many of the nation’s 170,000 precincts.” (doc B). With the …show more content…

Also, the electoral college forces the candidates to focus on several topics and regions. In December 16, 2016 the article The Electoral College is an Excellent System by George F Will, he explains that “the electoral college shapes the character of majorities by helping generate those that are neither geographically nor ideologically narrow…” (doc B). The competitors will not be able to become the president if the limit themselves to one topic and area. They must support several topics and try to appeal to all the states they can if they want to be the president through the system of electoral college. This is important because the president will try to fit everyone 's needs and not just a certain group of people’s needs and wants. Lastly, the electoral college helps the president appear more respectable to the people. The electoral votes compared to the popular votes are sometimes drastically different from each other. Normally the electoral college receives more votes than the popular vote does. For

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