The Silent Patient Through A Reader's Perspective

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The Silent Patient through a Reader’s Perspective

Elly Jeran
English 10H
ARA 3 Essay
May 2, 2023

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The book The Silent Patient is a thriller novel with many unexpected twists and turns. Alicia Berenson has killed her husband, Gabriel Berenson, after shooting him five times in the head. After committing this mass crime, she is admitted to a secure psychiatric unit called The Grove, where she remains silent for the next six years. Theo Faber, a psychotherapist, accepts a position at The Grove, and obsesses over Alicia’s case, for certain that he will be able to make Alicia speak again. Many stories were believed to be true about this situation, …show more content…

There were multiple accusations from countless friends, neighbors, and family members, but only one person knew the truth, and she remained silent. Alicia had severe mental issues and many people thought that the murder could be linked to that, but still, the reasoning behind it remained a mystery. No one else could be guilty of this murder, as Alicia was covered in blood and her fingerprints were found on the gun. “Alicia Berenson was thirty-three years old when she killed her husband” reveals the theme of the novel The Silent Patient. Gabriel Berenson being murdered by his wife; Alicia murdering her husband, Gabriel is the climax of this story.
Moreover, as Theo spoke with Alicia’s family and friends, it was told that she was an abnormal person. Leading up to the murder, she constantly showed signs that she was not mentally well. Her mother, died in a car accident with Alicia in the car, and her father …show more content…

Every page was a new adventure and the storyline all the way until the end was absolutely amazing. Alicia Berenson did break free of her silence and spoke after six long years, but she also plead guilty of killing her husband, Gabriel. Theo Faber was one trickster of a therapist, who pushed Alicia so far that she murdered her own spouse, to going in and acting like it is a normal thing to want to help her, is insanity. This book reveals how we as humans need to believe those around us when they seem to need help, not helping mental illnesses can lead to things

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