The Singer Solution To World Poverty By Peter Singer

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Every single day, there are people, mainly children, dying because of hunger. Yet, there is more than enough food for everyone in the world. Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to have sufficient amount money to buy food to feed themselves and their loved one. The problem is that several people are trapped in the severe poverty and they are becoming weaker and weaker each day. Peter Singer wrote “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” and it is a short story about world poverty and his goal to stop the poverty. Singer strongly believes that no one should be able to starve himself or herself because of lack of money and the world should be able to help each other by donating the money, food, clothes, etc. I agree with him about this situation, as no one should be struggling to feed himself or herself. There are plenty of ways to help poor people – such as donating money in the charity website, make some meal for homeless, or give away old clothes or toys for a family that couldn’t afford anything. In the end, they will feel good about themselves for making other people smile by helping. …show more content…

The author do make a good points; however, not every wealthy person is willing to donate their money to help the poverty stop. Some people does not see the point of helping others as they think that it is not their responsibility to stop the starvation in this world. Some believes that each person should work hard enough to earn what he/ she deserves. In general, some people are willing to help other people survive and some people simply do not care about helping

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