The Six Dimensions Of Social Wellness In Film

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Social wellness also known as social health is part of the six Dimensions of Health. Social wellness is the ability to basically have and maintain a social life. There are a great many of examples of social wellness like in our everyday lives and even in movies especially the movie “Annapolis”. Social wellness is the part of life that allows us to have relationship with our friends and loved ones. According to the textbook “Access to Health” it explains that with social wellness we are able to quote “to give and receive love and to be nurturing and supportive in social interactions” (Donatelle 6). To me this makes sense because in order to love someone you must also be able to let them love you back. An example of that can be found in the hit movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the main character Christin Grey shows so much affection to Anna, but he doesn’t let Anna show her affection and keeps shutting her out. A relationship between two people can’t function if one or both don’t share their feelings with each other. Another example from “Access to Health” is that …show more content…

The first example is when Jake was training for the Brigades, at first he was doing it alone and did not want help from no one, he then realized he needed help with training and asked Ali and Lt. Burton and it payed off Jake got better at boxing. It is good to have help and support from others, it shows that people care and gives us inspiration to help us accomplish anything. Another example is Jake helping Twins train for the obstacle course. Jake motivated Twins through the whole course and helped him be able to complete it. Jake also did this probably because twins helped him study. This is a perfect example of two individuals communicating and supporting each other to achieve a goal. “Annapolis” is a perfect example for social wellness with its examples of showing the examples and results of social

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