The Slopes Of War Analysis

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Brigette Vazquez Period: 4 The Slopes of War There are many emotional and physical effects of war. The novel, The Slopes of War, by N.A. Perez provides several dramatical scenes referring to the battle of Gettysburg between the Union and Confederacy armies, and one of the Union soldiers sister, Bekah. Perez illustrates social, personal effects, as well as physical and emotional injuries using both imagery and similes. The author N.A. Perez uses several imagery quotes to display both internal and external conflicts in the Union army. “…among the ragged weeds, a long delicate wasted hand was pointing at him… Why did Tuly have to take one grisly skeleton hand as some kind of sinister omen that he couldn’t shake out of the head?”(pg.5)-Union internal conflict. This quote explains how Tully suffered mentally and was even traumatized by seeing the effects of the war such as skeletons lying down in different settings. The quote, “Behind Union lines there was continuous restless motion. Wagons and ambulances rattled along the road, horses snorted softly, harnesses jiggling. Officers rode back and forth, stopping to talk in low voices as they waited for General Meade to arrive …show more content…

Perez also grants a simile quote including Bekah. “Bekah came from the window and watched as Dr. Horner worked. He was breathing hard, his fingers as sure and swift and delicate as her mothers were when she did fine embroidery, yet she did not see how he could ever make that broken bleeding mass whole again.”(pg.53)-internal conflict. In this quote Bekah relates the way Dr. Horner works with his patient to her mom. This scene also describes how severely hurt Dr. Horner’s patient happens to be. The novel, The Slopes of War, by N.A. Perez, illustrates several conflicts faced during the battle of Gettysburg. Perez utilizes both imagery and similes to provide quotes referring to different conflicts in the Union army, the Confederacy army, and in Bekah’s

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