The Space Race

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The Space Race (1950-1960s), was an event that has influenced many generations of human race. In the Second half of the twentieth century, the world’s leading power, the United States of America and the Union of Socialist Republics (USSR) were engaged in a global competition, also known as the cold war, where they were trying to influence “non aligned” nations to take a side in the war. Military, political, scientific and diplomatic effort would affect the balance of power in the world, the loser will fall and will lost the ability to control his sphere of influence. Both nations went to the moon, however only the USA made it back to the Earth. The Space Race has revolutionized the world, people 's societal views , and helped humanity in several …show more content…

The Americans, obviously, directly responded with the “Mercury” space capsule controlled by Alan B (“The Space Race”). One year later the American finally reached to send a man into orbit, John Glenn (“Cadbury”). The Soviets were winning everything, they sent the first satellite into space, the first dog into space, the first man, the first duo, the first trio, the first space walk and many other achievement. Many American saw Russia as the enemy, and the enemy was winning. Space Race had a national interest in the USA, and for the prosperity of their country, the Americans had to come up with a great idea that could beat the Russians. NASA scientist needed a major achievement to turn it around. In 1961, President Kennedy explained to the population of America in a speech, that the United States of America will send a man to the moon within the next ten years. He launched the Moon Race. It was a major challenge that cost 25 Billion dollars to the Americans(“NASA”), but that could have an incredible impact on the world by improving technology and how people were perceiving the world. The Soviet proposed a moon program, so that both nation could collaborate effectively together in order to develop new technologies and be on the moon faster, unfortunately because of their opposite opinions and point of view this program failed and both countries worked alone (“The Space Race”). The USA were determined, this could really change their position on the international scene. NASA scientists developed the Apollo 11 (“Cadbury”), a rocket capable of sending three astronauts to the moon and come safely back on Earth. The astronauts were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins (University Nebraska). The Launch was on the 16th of July 1969, more than 500 millions people were

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