The Spark: The Search For Autistic Children

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It has become common today that many Americans have given up on children who have autism. Teachers have even claimed that some kids with autism would never be able to speak, and read. Teachers, and schools for many years have placed autistic children in special-ed classes, and have considered them retarded. For years the parents of these children have been swept of there hope to find a way of giving their child what we consider a normal life. Kristine Barnett has found a way of giving these parents that hope they once lost. Kristin, and her son Jake, who was diagnosed with autism before the age of three, have been an inspiration to family’s around the world who have dealt with the same problems as them. Kristine shared her story by creating a book named The Spark since then many parents have stopped relying so much on schools, and teachers to help them give their kids a normal childhood. Schools and Teachers need to do their part to give these students the opportunity that every other student gets. My point is that students with autism shouldn 't be in special-ed classes. Autism is the struggle to develop social abilities, languages, and other communication skills that are usual to others. In my eyes, I …show more content…

Special-ed classes in a way sink children with autism, even more deeply into their own isolated world. Jake was struggling to communicate with his family, and this has been what killed his mom the most. Kristine was so destroyed at the thought that her son wasn 't able to tell her how his day was like, or how he would never respond to the “good night , my baby angel”(53) comments she would tell him every night before he went to bed. Kristine was determined to fix her son. She sat down with him everyday trying to get him ready for kindergarten. She rearranged her house even more to fit the vibe of a kindergarten class. They sat in a circle, they did everything in groups so Jake could come to understand how to socialize with

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