The Stereotype Of The Feme Fatale

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Christie Transgresses The Stereotype of The Femme Fatale Agatha Christie is known as the queen of mystery. The novel Evil Under The Sun is a clever murder mystery which shows me how Christie plays with the social psychology of the femme fatale change in to homme fatale. Christie creates a wonderful mystery by putting the different pieces of the jigsaw to illustrate a perfectly finished picture of true evil. In Evil Under The Sun, Christie describes not one but two strong female characters; one is good and other is naïve but not evil. Christie plays the stereotype of the femme fatale which was a more common stereotype in the late nineteenth century when attractive women represented as murderers or reasons for destruction. But in Evil Under the Sun Arlena is a beautiful, a flirtatious, seductive and attractive best stage actress but not a deadly woman and Rosamund Darnley is a smart and successful and London’s best known dressmaker but Patrick Redfern, a young man handsome, attractive, but a deadly, immoral or beastly man. The novel presents personification of evil as Patrick Redfern who is real homme fatale but not a woman. Arlena Marshall is well- known actress and knows how to use famine charm. Arlena is in thirties but she maintained herself that she looks younger than her age. Christie describes her beauty, “She was as perfect as a statue” (p.14). It makes all the women at Jolly Rogers jealous when she arrives, “There was that about her which made every other woman on
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