The Supreme Court Case Of Buck V. Bell

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Adam Cohen presents a very interesting topic to not only fellow historian, but to as well the average citizen. In his book he talks about the Supreme Court case Buck v. Bell. Cohen is trying to inform the reader just how cruel and inhumane the United Sates was at one point. The Supreme Court case of Buck v. Bell was an argument of wither or not the United stated should practice sterilization of young women. He does a great job going through details as to why the United States did this. He does in a way like a suspenseful movie, in my opinion. It feels like a court case drama show. Cohen successfully depicts America dark history. He show just show close to human sterilization we got to. It is eye opening as American to see just how cruel of …show more content…

She was born in the town of Charlottesville located in Virginia. Upon the situation of becoming pregnant before marriage, her whole life change. She was relocated to area where people that were considered feebleminded lived. This was Dickensian Virginia Colony, they kept people that suffered from epileptic and who were feebleminded. She was used as an example to be sterilized. Carrie buck unfortunately found herself in the wrong place at the right time, in scientists, and politicians favor. They wanted to see if the argument for the sterilization of feeble mind women could win in a legal battle and eventually be passed in the United States. Buck had to endure these scientists basically alone. Cohen does a great job of painting a picture in the reader mind just how scared Carrie buck …show more content…

bell eventually made its way all the way to the Supreme Court. This is where buck made here last stand to resist sterilization. Unfortunately for Carrie buck she sat in from of a judge that was raised with in a high noble blood lines within the family of Boston Brahmin. The vote went 8 to 1. He made the terrible decision to agree to bells sterilization, and sought to extend this sterilization to many other people as well that were considered feebleminded. The saddest part of all was that least 50,000 Americans were subject to sterilization. The Supreme Court usually make the right choice when deciding a case, but not in this case. Cohen express that that the choice to rule in favor of bell was one of the worst decision ever made by the Supreme Court. It’s comparable to the Dred scot v. Sanford case. People like to see America as a place of success and happiness. That nothing ever bad happen, and that American is always the good guy, it’s funny to think just how wrong some of these people’s misconceptions are. America has done some of the worst things humanly possible to other countries long to each other. The United States conducted slaver for many years, they dropped atomic bombs on japan killing thousands of people, and now according to Cohen the even practiced sterilization on young women. Cohen gives the reader a reality check into the dark corners of

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