The Tempest Corruption

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Whenever power becomes attainable people become corrupt and greedy in order to keep it. The play "The Tempest", written by Shakespeare introduces the idea of corruption among it 's many characters. This play is about a sorcerer who had his dukedom taken away. This sorcerer caused a storm, and caused for the passengers to get stranded on an island. Once the passengers were on the island everyone struggled desperately for power as they became corrupted. Through the story the sorcerer tricks and deceives the visitors to get his revenge. Towards the end of the story; the protagonist learns he must forgive those who have wronged him in order to become less corrupt. Throughout the play the characters also reveal their corruption as they gain and…show more content…
Whenever someone struggle for the position of authority, a person frequently becomes corrupt inside and out. One example of the setting, illustrating the theme of struggle for power could be the island, the shipwreck, or even the storm in the beginning of the play. Stephano says, "Do I so? Take thou that. As you like this, give me the lie another time."(Act 3) Although people move to a different location sometimes; it doesn 't make it inevitable that they will change due to their new settings and surroundings. However, that isn 't the case in "The Tempest". In an attempt to gain power and because of the island messing with him, Stephano beat Trinculo. Just as in real life, we change and become corrupt due to our situations. We get frustrated, angry, depressed, and it 's just to gain power. Although someone being in a position of power is unchangeable; the setting can change whether that person becomes corrupt or…show more content…
Similar to the setting, characterization is illustrating the theme of struggle for power. Whenever someone comes into power, then they become corrupt. The character 's identity is what determines whether or not the character will become corrupt. One example of characterization illustrating the theme of struggle for power, and how it corrupts people is when Stephano gets angry at Caliban. Stephano says, " Are you listening, Monster? If I decide to get angry at you, just watch out."(Act 4) Someone 's identity is what makes them who they are- how they walk, talk, and act- and therefore they respond to a specific situation in an unfamiliar manner. In an attempt to show their dominance in power, people do almost anything. Just like how Stephano threatens to hurt Caliban if he makes him angry. Just as in real life, people will react to a situation in their own type of manner because of who they are. The conflicts, setting, and characterization are all techniques used to illustrate how people become corrupt and greedy in order to keep power when it 's given
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