The Mysterious Benedict Society Character Analysis

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Being different can be the best talent and gift in the world. It makes one special and it lets one be the amazing person there ment to be. In the fictional novel The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart it shows the true importance of being yourself and embracing your talents. She shows this using dialogue, narrative hook, and conflict. First, Stewart uses dialogue to help bring her characters life and show how everyone has different gifts and talents. For example, Kate’s feeling towards her parents are exquisitely revealed in the use of dialogue. “Kate apparently, felt otherwise. ‘ What’s to miss?’ she said breezily. ‘Like I said, I don’t even remember my mother, and who wants a father who’ll run away and leave his baby daughter …show more content…

For instance, Miss Permals is characterized through conflict. “‘You don’t think I would just leave you here without investigating first, do you?’ replied Miss Perumal. ‘The notice didn’t even list a telephone number for questions. It’s a bit out of the ordinary, don’t you think?’”(8). Through the conflict of the unknown testing the reader learns more about Miss Perumal, and how she deeply cares for Reynie. The conflict adds mystery and shows the reader how a character might react under certain situations. Another example of conflict involves mystery and the suspense of danger. “‘Very well, if there are no other questions, I shall read the list.’ The room became very quiet. ‘Reynard Muldoon!’ the woman called. Reynie’s heart leaped . . . ‘That is all,’ she said matter-of-factly, folding the paper and tucking it away. ‘The rest of you are dismissed’”(13-14). A conflict has arose on why Reynie is the only person who passes, it is quite strange, and it may mean something good or bad is to come. Stewart created a conflict that foreshadows more encounters with the pencil lady, and shows the reader the unique and special qualities of Renyie. In the end, conflict is used by Stewart to help bring the characters to life and through this, show how different characters affect the

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