The Theme Of Adversity In Deborah Ellis Parvana's Journey

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Deborah Ellis’ Parvana’s Journey is set in Afghanistan and explores how all the charecters show strength and resilience during their tough times. All the charecters in Parvana’s Journey show strength and courage in times of adversity by showing resilience and heroism. Parvana, Asif and Leila all show strength in hard times through out their whole journey and no matter what they have to go through.

Parvana show’s strength to overcome adversity, when she lost her father and she had to bury him, she shows us that it takes loss to overcome hard times and challenges and that losing one person doesn’t mean you need to lose your hope and strength. It is very hard to watch the death of a beloved, right in front of your eyes and having to bury them …show more content…

She put each one down slowly. There was no reason to hurry. She had no where else to go.’ This quote shows a difficult time in Parvana’s life, when her father dies, and she is burying him. This is important because even though she has no more family left, she has the strength and courage to move on through this demanding time. The message she is trying to show us is that you can always show strength through tough times and get through them. Hence ‘Parvana’s Jorney’ focuses on how to overcome adversity and challenging times through showing courage and going through …show more content…

Leila vents to Parvana and says to her that she should have gone with her grandmother instead of escaping with the rest, ‘I should have gone to Grandmother,’ she said. ‘you should have let me go.’ Leila said to Parvana, when she had noticed that she was crying. This quote shows us how Leila tried getting through her adversities by letting it all out. Its an important quote because it is showing us how Leila built her strength and resilience again after the loss of her grandmother. The message in this quote is to never lose hope and keep moving forward after a hardship. In conclusion Deborah Ellis’ novel ‘Parvana’s Journey’ highlights how important it is to show bravery when imposed to face a difficult

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