Freedom Is The Ambition In The Crucible

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Have you ever wanted something so bad that you wouldn 't stop fighting until you got what you wanted? On a journey to freedom Addy and her mom go on a rigorous trip to get there. All they want is freedom to make them happy and feel somewhat like a family again. Who wants someone else to own them anyway? Freedom is the ambition that drives Addy and her mother in the book Meet Addy by Connie Porter.
The worst thing that Addy and her mother could do to get to freedom is steal themselves from their master. Addy and her mother do whatever it takes to get what they want. Even though they have been through the worst of times like when Addy 's dad got sold to another plantation. "Addy and her mother take the terrible risk of escaping by themselves …show more content…

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Addy and her mother kept moving on matter what pain they went through the drive that they had such a strong impact on their lives. They have been through the worst of the worst they wanted to cry an scream and let all of it out but they held it together because they had hope and they kept on moving. "Addy does not cry out any more, not even when she stubs her toes. Addy is worried; while she can swim, the water is moving swiftly and Momma can 't swim at all." Those two sentences from the book show that there isn 't any gain without pain. You have to work for something if truly want it because your not going to be given everything that you want to possess. No matter the journey and harsh things that happened to them nothing knocked them down and if it did effect them then they came back stronger and it made them more eager to get to freedom.
If you really want something and you don 't stop you can definitely get what you deserve but it won 't get handed to you. Hope determination and ambition guided

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