Short Summary Of The Thirty Nine Steps Story By Richard Hannay

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Summary: The Thirty-Nine Steps Story Richard Hannay’s ordinary life didn’t last forever, when he receives a visitor who shattered it. Franklin P. Scudder, the American man with the big secret who told Hannay that he discovered by accident a group of people who were trying to make a world war by killing the Greek Prime Minister “Constantine Karolides”. Hannay allows the man to stay in his flat to hide. After several days of hiding Hannay came home, and was shocked to see Scudder dead with a knife in the back. Now Hannay becomes a man on the run, he was running from a place to another wearing the milkman clothes, and holding Scudder’s black notes, hiding here then hiding there, he simply has no place to go, his plan was to disappear for three weeks before June 15,so he just keeps on running because he is now followed by the black stones the terrorist people who were trying to make a war and more by the policemen who are searching for the one who killed Scudder , it was so difficult from him to hide without the help of good people in his way.…show more content…
After reading the story I think that it was a very good reading and I understand well how Hannay was acting like this and why he risked his life to make the world in peace, the intelligence and the speed of intuition made Hannay a very best hero for the story. Hannay what made me read the story, and I was excited to know the very little detail in this story especially that it is by the author John Buchan that I like his
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