The Three Main Causes Of The French Revolution

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Throughout 1789 the French people both men and women took part in a violent revolution, in cities, towns and villages all over France the French people decided to change the way they lived as they were not happy with their current living conditions. There were 2 main prevalent causes that fueled the Revolution and these were political and social issues. Social issues being the poverty amongst third estate members due to unfair taxation as well as the injustice hierarchy of the three estates and the political issues being that anyone could be arrested for any length of time and the rule of the divine right of kings.

In France at the time, the law said that there were three estates. In the first estate were the clergy, these were the people who made a living by working in the Church. In the second estate was the nobility, these were kings, queens and dukes and knights. And in the third estate was everybody else, these were the peasants, city workers, bourgeoisie, etc. This was one of the factors that helped fuel the French Revolution as the people in the first and second estate had a number of privileges, such as being exempt from taxes, having law courts, getting special treatment in law courts and other things, these two estates also had rights, which had given them a huge number of advantages, advantages that the third estate were not given. There were a total of 8 taxes that everyone had to pay. The taxes were either direct or indirect, the direct taxes concluded of the

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