The Three Main Causes Of World War I

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In the end, no was at peace. The war was fought between mostly the European nation, like Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Turkey. It was fought mainly in France, Italy, Russia, and Turkey. This was the “Great War,” a war to end all wars. It was fought through tanks, airplanes, gas, trenches, machine guns, and more. It started on July 28, 1914 and ended Novembre 11, 1918. What was the underlying cause of this tragedy? There were three basic causes of world war I: alliances, militarism, and imperialism. Out of these three causes, imperialism was the underlying cause. Alliances one of the main causes of World War I. Alliances was a big part that contribute to the war. As shown In document B, seeing a cartoon…show more content…
Nations have invest and put a lot of money into their military, so they can have have a strong force. For example, Germany and Austria have spent in 140 million in 1890 to 540 million in 1914 in British pounds (Doc C). It important to arms build-up (Militarism), because really sooner or later they are gonna have to use them use them. In document D Von Bulow worried about England, France, and Russia, because he worried that the balance of power in Europe would no longer be held and Germany would be on the losing side. So, Bulow states Germany will be “a hammer or an anvil,” meaning that either they have to choose to be the hammer and smash the other countries or be an avil and be the one getting smash. As a result, arms didn’t act restraint. So, stockpile and power keg made war more…show more content…
Germany tried to imperialized the most out of any country. In Document E, the chart is showing that England is the blood sucker of the world and drains there resources. It suggesting that has the most power and is draining the nation's resources and power. Germany and Austria-Hungary and a tremendous possessions gap with England and France. England had about 12 million square miles of colonial possessions, with France having 4,440,000 square miles. While Germany had over 1 million and Austria-Hungary with 0 square miles (Document F). This is showing who had the most populated colonies and square miles within the countries. Overall, colonial of imbalanced powered caused a lot of tension. As other countries invade one another for resources and weapons, failed because of the balance power everyone had. In conclusion, not just Alliance, militarism, and imperialism weren’t the only cause of World war I. A couple things impacted the war like nationalism, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and colonialism. Although in the end of the war no one was at peace, there was some good impact that came from it. Like women can vote in 1920, and all the nations finally came together and signed a peace treaty. As a result, World war I lasted way longer than anyone expected and killed million of men. It proves that one bad decision can lead to something much bigger and
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