The Tragic Hero In John Dante's War

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John Dante is a headstrong teen who believes the only way to Avenge Americans who have been killed in Pearl Harbor is to enlist in the army and fight for those who have perished. John’s headstrong mentality exposed of his heroic quality to willingly defend the country at the risk of his own life. If John did not exhibit this trait he may have cowered from enlisting, waiting for the draft. If John was not willing to fight though, was drafted; he could have been a detriment to his fellow soldiers. John’s headstrong trait also leads to bravery, especially since John is able to keep somewhat of a composure in the battlefield. Bravery also helps John fight on the front line and protect his fellow soldiers. Though John’s headstrong quality …show more content…

After John’s opinion had strongly changed after the war had ended, he made a very bold statement, “America had not suffered.” This statement is very true in the sense that America had not hosted any battles during WWII. Hundreds of thousands of citizens living in America were not killed, unlike the rest of the world. The American economy was skyrocketing and people went to sleep dreaming of their next house or car. Citizens in Japan were most likely dreaming of whether or not they were going to wake up the next day. America was not the one who had to surrender because of a devastating nuclear attack that killed hundreds of thousands of citizens; Japan was. Though there was a silent majority in America who could not lay to rest so easily every night. Soldiers worried their own families of whether or not they would return. Families of the silent majority would even be split up because of family enlistments and job opportunities. The economy would leave family members by themselves with no one to be comforted by as they too would most likely move to find better opportunities. The lashing effects of the war would also make soldiers a different person so much that they could no longer live with their families or even in

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