The Trench Monologue

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The man woke calmly, just like any other ordinary morning, he got up out of his soft bed and looked at the other side. It was empty, it seemed his wife had gone shopping, the man turned and stumbled out of the room into the cozy living room. The fireplace was lit and kept the room bright and warm. The man continued walking through and into the kitchen, the benches were clean and ordered. He opened the freezer, got out two slices of bread and put them into the toaster. He opened the cupboard and took a plate from one of the neat stacks of clean dishes. The man finished making his breakfast and continued back to the living room, he hadn’t noticed before but the television was on and filling the small room with sound. The man sat down on the soft couch, as he looked down he saw his …show more content…

He broke contact with his leg and looked across at the television, it appeared to be a war documentary. Now in front of him were the walls of the dirty trench he was cramped into. The gunfire was deafening as the man and his fellow soldiers cowered in the dark trench. The smell of gunpowder was almost as strong as the stench of death coming from all around. The man peered over the wall of the trench and saw a line of his soldiers advancing to their death as they were gunned down by the enemy, others were hiding behind trees, but there was no escape from war. The rain was pouring down and the muddy ground was littered with bodies and bullet shells. The orders had come from the captain, his line was the next to advance. All the men seemed to accept their death as they prepared to go. The artillery fired over their heads at the enemy’s trenches to signify the start of their advance. The bravest

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