The Trent Affair Went Down Between The United States And Great Britian

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The Trent Affair was a huge affair and problematic situation that went down between the United States and Great Britian. It took place from November 1861 to December 1861. This time period was also when the Civil War took place, which heightened the rage and fear of American people. The affair began when a ship, the USS San Jacinto, took control of two American messengers that were just seeking British, French, and English aid. The pair were aboard a British ship traveling to Europe. They were seeking the help of the British in the South side of the Civil War. The British had not taken side in the war yet, and were still making their decision. They were enraged that the messengers were arrested aboard one of their ships, and thought …show more content…

The two men, and their secretaries, were taken prisoner by Charles Wilkes. They were arrested for traveling to the British when not given permission. The pair was transported to Boston and imprisoned at Fort Warren. This was a victory for the Northern side of the war, as they thought provoking Britian would bring a reaction out from them. Eventually, word got out to the British, through the workers of the steam boat, and they were furious. They strongly protested Captain Wilke's actions and considered them illegal and unfair. He also considered it a violation of the British neutrality. He demanded for the two men to be released and also sent a formal apology to them and their families. Lastly, he made it clear to the US Navy that Britian would like to stay neutral in the war and didn't appreciate this act. While neither of the countries wanted war after this incident, it was clear that they had just had a major disagreement. It would be hard to completely trust each other again, but they would try to stay somewhat united. However, it did appear that this incident had pushed the two countries to a potential armed

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