The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory During The Progressive Era

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Triangle Shirtwaist Factory The Progressive Era was a difficult time for workers. It was a time where many workers were getting hurt or killed on the job, paid low wages, had little to no safety requirements and worked long hours.It was even more difficult because it seemed as owners never really cared about their workers or their safety. All of that changed after the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire that showed how bad the working conditions and safety of workers was. The Triangle Shirtwaist incident occurred on March 25, 1911, it’s important because it is remembered as the infamous American Industrial fire and also showed the Progressive Labor issues that the United States workers were facing. I have used an article “Life in the Shop”The Cornell University Triangle Shirtwaist Factory website from Cornell University(Written November …show more content…

It was horrible, the shops were dirty and whenever the workers would tear or damage any of the goods whether they did or not they would be charged. This document was written to give a daily description of the workers day to day life and what they had to face.
In the Triangle Shirt Factory trials an article from Key Testimony Before the Fire Investigating Commission Concerning The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, the first public hearing a testimony from Fire Marshall William L. Beers, was questioned about the safety of building and asked about the fire escape and said the fire escape was inadequate for the number of people working there being that it was too small, and also when asked how about the fire hose he said many people tried but could not get any water to it. This testimony is important because the Fire Marshall explains how that the building never really prepared for

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