The Wandering Poet: Ezra Pound's Poetry

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The Wandering Poet All humans are born with a burning curiosity about the life of Ezra pound. Well, dear reader, satisfaction lays ahead. Ezra Pound is an American poet only by nationality. A wanderer at heart, Pound spent much of his writing life on the road, so much of his writing has been impacted by his travels, especially during his journeys through Europe. Europe was experiencing tremendous change when Pound began his travels, and these changes affected Pound, as is evident in his writing. However, these stages of evolution in Pound’s writing only commenced as his travels through Europe began. Although this may be true, who or what exactly caused Pound to become socially critical, and how was this seen in his writing? Pound was born in Hailey, Idaho, on the 30th of October, 1885. He was educated in Pennsylvania, where he attended college and received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy (Wilmer). Despite this, Pound had always known that his passion was poetry (Boyd 52). After finishing college and teaching for a short while, he voyaged to Europe in 1908, with a plan to become a poet (Wilmer). He spent some time in Venice, where he wrote a few poems, then moved to London, where he settled. Pound’s poetry during this time was all centred on his passion for Italian poetry, so much so that Italian words can be found throughout much of the poetry he produced during this time (Wilmer). Pound influenced a lot of modern literature during his time in London as he edited the

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