The Way Of The Samurai Analysis

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According to The Way of the Samurai by William De Bary, “the business of the samurai is to reflect on his own station in life, to give loyal service to his master if he has one, to strengthen his fidelity in associations with friends, and, with due consideration of his own position, to devote himself to duty above all” (206). In Tokugawa Japan, this Way, also known as “bushido”, was founded by Yamaga Soko who “combined the virtues of Confucian scholar and warrior” (Schirokauer 361). Not only was bushido something that all samurai followed, but they were to adhere to the Confucian approach which “strives to fulfill the Way of the lord and subject, friend and friend, parent and child, older and younger brother, and husband and wife” (De Bary
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