Theme Of Betrayal In Othello

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While the play “Othello” explores various theme topics, and ideas the main theme topic is betrayal, which is projected through the various relationships. Shakespeare uses imagery to show the corruption of relationships through the feeling or appearance of betrayal. This is evident between three main relationships throughout the play, Desdemona and Brabantio, her father, Iago and Emilia, and Othello and Desdemona, both husband and wife.
Brabantio prior to the commencement of the play has tried to arrange Desdemona’s marriage but she not only rejects most of the eligible men presented to her, she concludes that she despises marriage, so opposite to marriage that she shunned the wealthy curled darlings of our nation” (I.2.67-68) “. Compared to this time period, where daughters were property, whose only purpose was to marry well off, Brabantio allows Desdemona to find her own path, unlike many others. When Roderigo and an unknown man, Iago, transports the news of Desdemona’s affair with the Moor, Brabantio’s reaction suggests a feeling of betrayal, and the seemingly quaint relationship suddenly shows its flaws. Before even telling Brabantio of the news, Iago speaks with Roderigo that they will “poison [Brabantio’s] delight” (I.1.69), which in turn gives light to flaws of the relationship between Brabantio and his daughter, “yet throw such chances of vexation on’t as it may lose some colour” (I.1.73-74), such as a lack of needed communication. To add insult to injury Iago
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