Theme Of Discrimination In Jasper Jones

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During 1965 the caste people were viewed only as thieves and worthless people. Similarly immigrants were treated the same way and often were violated against their skin color and ethical background. It was very unusual for a caste person and immigrants to be accepted into the society. Craig Silvey shows this in the novel Jasper Jones as a lot of families were broken down due to violence and their prejudice family members and how a lot of families were treated badly from the society because of their race. In life discrimination and prejudice in the society can lead to violence, and violence can change a person and a family forever. The prejudice against castle people in Corrigan lead Jack Lionel to discriminate against his son’s marriage and therefore ruining the relationship between them and their family. Jack never wanted Jasper to be born and never thought about understanding David (Jasper’s dad) (245). He banished his son from the house after he told him that he loved Jasper’s mother and wanted to keep Jasper. This affected David a lot when Rosie died as she was the only person left in his life. The discrimination of the castle people ruined this family because Jack thought that his son marrying a castle women “is dirtying the family name” (245). Even after Jack and Rosie became close David disliked his father and didn’t want to be around him (246). This shows how even when the discrimination is gone it stays inside people and they cannot forgive the people that

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