Theme Of Honesty In Beowulf

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Integrity and Faithfulness
Beowulf was written by Seamus Heaney about an amazing hero who shows all characteristics of an epic hero and exhibits both integrity and faithfulness to both his clan and family.
While fighting Grendel, Beowulf knows his strength and power is more advanced than Grendel, so he decides to fight fair; Beowulf fights Grendel with no armor or weapons. “The monster's whole/body was in pain, a tremendous wound/appeared on his shoulder. Sinews split/and the bone-lappings burst. Beowulf was granted/ the glory of winning; Grendel was driven/under the fen-banks, fatally hurt,/to his desolate lair” (Heaney 814-820). This quote shows how incredibly easy it was to defeat Grendel. When Unferth started to doubt him, Beowulf, in the most polite way possible, counter argues by saying why he is worthy of the fight. Beowulf claims, "Well, friend Unferth, you have had your say/about Breca and me. But it was mostly beer/that was doing the talking. The truth is this:/when the going was heavy in those high waves,/ I was the strongest swimmer of all" (529-534). Beowulf proves Unferth wrong and is the new savior and joy of the town after defeating Grendel with nothing but his bare hands. Beowulf shows how much stronger he is than any other by defeating both Grendel and his mother. …show more content…

The King says, bragging about Beowulf, “Nor have I seen/my mightier man-at-arms on this earth/ then the one standing: unless I am mistaken,/he is truly noble. This is no mere/ anger-on in a hero’s armor” (247-51). People really do believe in Beowulf and how he presents his faithfulness so everyone. Beowulf will not give up until the job is done and the people who need protecting are protected and safe. “Inside Heorot/ there was nothing but friendship…/not yet familiar with feud and betrayal” (1016-8). Beowulf brings everyone together with peace and

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