Theme Of Honesty In Othello

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In William Shakespeare’s Othello, honesty is a major theme in this play, it is one of the major themes that this play is based around. It not only provides good examples of how people throw around the idea of honesty and be a relatively dishonest person. The play would not have the same dramatic effect that is does now if there was not a lack of honesty that was contentious throughout the entirety of the play.
The word honesty has the effect of dramatic irony on the audience because we see the play as a whole and all the wrong-doings that are taking place. The characters in Othello are effected by this word honesty because it shows us how we as people can be so trusting in someone that we should not. Through out the entire play there is not a part in which Iago is not manipulating the characters to his benefit. In the beginning of the play during act 1 scene 1, Iago already has a plan thought up to try and get at Othello because she did not get the position of lieutenant which he wanted, Cassio received it. Iago mad at this convinces Rodrigo to go to Desdemona fathers house during the night and inform him that his daughter and army general Othello are in love and are married. At the time this was thought to be a bad thing because Othello is what they called a “moor” at the time, someone who is of a darker complication. However this plan does not entirely work because Othello and Desdemona confess their love to one another and her father approves. Iago then develops a

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