Essay On The Power Of Words In Othello

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The Power of Words is important in the play Othello. Words are used to show power in Othello, words are also used to show what the personality of the characters are and that is used to show the reader what the characters are like and lastly, words are used to have a conversation with the audience. Through the words in the play the audience can understand the play and also the audience knows most of the time what is going to happen before the characters know what is happening. Language that is spoken can be seen as power. The words in the play, Othello, are very powerful; the words in the play are used to express the lies and the truths in the play. At the start of the play, Othello, uses his word to win Desdemona over by the stories that he is telling her father. Othello and Desdemona also define their love …show more content…

When we look at the name of the play, Othello (The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice), we can make the assumption that Othello is an outsider in the book. Before we start to read the play we already know that Othello will be an outsider and when we read the play we can understand why. We also fin in the play, Othello, which Iago refers to Cassio as an “honest fool”, but in that phrase honest have a different meaning. Honest in the play is used so many times that is ironic. Iago is seen as honest and we know that Iago is everything but honest. More than half of the time that honest is used in the play, Othello; it is used as “honest Iago”. This is ironic because honest is seen in the play as loyal, trustworthy, a man of his word, etc and Iago is anything but all of those characteristics. There is not character in the play that does not think that Iago is an honest man. When you look at the name of the play, Othello, you can see that the name implies that Othello is an outsider in the

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