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Deadly Language Words strong enough to kill. In act V, scene ii of “Othello” by Shakespeare, we come across a passage spoken by Othello. He is an African and a general of the army. He has recently married his wife Desdemona, whom he has killed because his friend Iago has tricked him to believe she was cheating on him with his former friend Cassio. Shakespeare uses this passage to reveal to us how Othello truly deals with problems and how he thinks. He shows us that Othello is far too naive and trusts what he is told. Othello also makes mistakes when he is confronted with moments of extreme distress and in this situation he has chosen both murder and suicide. Shakespeare also uses his monologue to develop and strengthen the idea that language can kill just as Iago has used it to kill Desdemona. …show more content…

One of the techniques shown to us is the use of imagery. He uses imagery in the phrase “ I took by the throat the circumcised dog and smoke him- thus.” In this sentence Othello is referring to himself as the circumcised dog and it means that he sees himself as far less than noble and even human. This creates a sense of regret and sadness because the audience was not able to help him and was stuck having to watch his fall. Immediately after that sentence, Othello being pushed to the edge with these words kills himself. Othello then says has hes dying “Killing myself to die upon a kiss” because he believes that this is his justice for having killed the on he loved. This supports my claim that language can kill because the words spoken by Iago were as deadly as a knife and it was drawn on anyone who he

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