Crisis Of Identity In Othello Essay

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The crisis of identity is a very significant turning point in the development in this play. It effectively creates sympathy in the audience through the change in character’s speech style and the act of an “other” in the play conforming to what society demands of him.
The first character I would like to bring up is our protagonist, Othello. Being the main protagonist, which most of the play revolves around, a lot of attention is given to him by the audience which makes the crisis of his identity the most significant.
Firstly, Shakespeare presents the crisis through the change in speech style, mostly significant in Othello before and after he gets manipulated by Othello. Othello and his identity as the General Armies of Venice to a puppet part of Iago’s show. In Act 1 Scene 3, in a scene whereby Brabantio attacked Othello with his guards and the Duke to arrest him. Despite having Brabantio repeatedly crude accusations at him he remained calm and …show more content…

He questioned “Why did I marry?” and then replies “Haply, for I am black”. This self-question and reply infront of Iago, his most trusted man, peels of his exterior self and gives the audience the insight of Othello’s honest inner thought. This self-doubt, significantly points out to the audience and confirms that Othello has accepted the fact that he is different, and conforms to the stereotype placed on him and admits that his difference causes it. Shakespeare used this scene, to voice out the doubts and his surrender to the battle of being accepted for who he is in the Venetician Society. Othello’s This rage at Desdemona’s infidelity signals destmetion of his identity as a successful and loving man. It shows that he now completely loses control of himself, he no longer is that gentle man. He has become so poisoned by the manipulation of Iago, he no longer hears out for his “fair

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