Theme Of Weakness In Othello

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In Shakespeare 's play, Othello, the main character, Othello, displays actions that are classified as weak or strong emotionally. Throughout the play, Othello shows more weakness than strength when he turns over to jealousy, hits Desdemona, and calls her names shortly before wrongfully killing her.
Othello’s first action of weakness shows when he turns jealous. Iago, his ensign, convinces him that his wife, Desdemona, has been having an affair with his lieutenant, Cassio. This is Othello’s response to Iago’s mortifying news, “She’s gone, I am abused, and my relief / Must be to loathe her. Oh, curse of marriage / That we can call these delicate creatures ours / And not their appetites!” (3.3.308-11). In this quote, Othello says that there is nothing more to do than hate Desdemona, wives cannot truly belong to their husbands. This is a sign of weakness because Iago has no real evidence to back up the claims he has made to Othello, however, Othello is not strong enough to brush them aside.
Another prominent action of weakness Othello does is striking Desdemona in the face. After being hit, Desdemona cries and Lodovico says that Othello should not have done that. Othello, now seeing Desdemona as a liar, says, “Oh, devil, devil! / If that the earth could teem with woman’s tears, …show more content…

Othello has just mentioned that Cassio is dead, Desdemona cries because she knows everything has gone terribly wrong. This is Othello’s response to her weeping, “Out, strumpet! weep’st thou for him to my face?” (5.2.9). Othello is furious that the lying Desdemona has the courage to cry about Othello’s enemy, Cassio, right in front of him. He gets so angry that he smothers Desdemona, he soon realizes that this was a mistake. This is a very weak point for Othello, because he has let the world get between he and his love. He was not strong enough to carry the both of them

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