Growth Mindset Quotes In Othello

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Ashley Adegbite
Ms Milliner

Mindset and grit are equaled to success. Growth mindset is the belief that people can get smarter by working harder and practicing. Fixed mindset is the thought that talent and skills develop success without putting any effort. Grit is determination to stick to one thing until you have mastered it. There are certain decisions that an individual makes that will impact grit. Throughout reading the play Othello by Shakespeare there are connection between Othello , Desdemona , Iago and Brabantio with grit , growth mindset and fixed mindset.

When someone is a gritty person they don't let grades come in the way and define them. The individual corrects their mistakes and anything that may seem out …show more content…

Othello shows signs of grit because he is determined to marry desdemona so they elope. He will do anything for her to make sure she is happy.“She loved me for the dangers I had passed, And I loved her that she did pity them.”(Act 1, Scene 3 , Lines 181 and 182). Othello and Desdemona have a strong love for each other . Othello shows growth mindset. When Othello is around Iago he gets into a negative environment which changes his view on Desdemona. Othello’s many accomplishments as commander and a soldier in the battle shows that is determined to accomplish many things .

Iago is filled with hate,jealousy and envy. He would do anything to get Desdemona away from Othello and to have her himself .It is clear that Iago is jealous because he goes out of his way to tell Desdemonas father Brabantio a lie. He tells him that she is having an affair with Cassio so that she is having intercourse with Othello. Iago shows signs of fixed mindset. His mind is fixed on getting revenge on Othello so he comes up with a “evil” plan to destroy Othello’s life. Iago is motivated by hate because he didn't move on from the thought that Othello is doing wrong by Desdemona.“ I hate the moor” ( Act 1 Scene 1 Line 171-174) . This shows that Iago have real hatred in his heart for Othello and that he is fixed on getting revenge . Iago would not tell the truth . Carol Dweck states “ when you enter a mindset you enter a new world “. …show more content…

Dweck states in her article “if you only have a certain amount of intelligence, a certain personality and a certain moral character- well then you'd better prove that you have a health dose of them “ (52). Those quotes breakdown the ideas of having a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset individual mainly dwells on their mistakes so they will only do the minimum which doesn't guarantee success. In the passage The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck she states, “Students with growth mindset instead mobilized their resources for learning. They told us that they, too sometimes felt overwhelmed, but their response was to dig in and do what it takes” (55) . This quote is very relatable on many levels. There is a connection between doing what's correct and staying focused

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