Grit And Growth Mindset Compare And Contrast

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In life, in order to truly get far and accomplish greatness, there are certain qualities and

traits a person needs to possess. Some may say these qualities are “confidence” and “being

humble”, which is true, but it goes much further than that. Grit and Growth Mindset are two of

the greatest components that make success an inevitability for those who retain these traits. Grit

is best described as intense forms of determination and stamina forged together to create a person

incapable of giving up. Slightly different, but similar to grit, Growth Mindset is a state of being

and thinking where tough situations are seen as personal improvement opportunities. With these

two working together, there’s nothing a person could not achieve. …show more content…

I didn’t let myself fail any classes or miss too many days. I didn’t let my internal suffering

seep out and ruin my external life. I stuck it out and along the way found ways to slowly repair

myself. I realize now that that was Grit.

Similar to Grit, Growth Mindset exhibits that same sense of working through obstacles

instead of giving up on them due to difficulty. Carol Dweck proves that through an article she

wrote named “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” where she dissected how setting a

certain state of mind could change a person’s entire life. Dweck talks of two different states of

mind, one that she calls the Fixed Mindset and one that she calls the Growth Mindset. Dweck

defines Fixed Mindset as something that “creates an urgency to prove yourself over and over” (p.

75) and Growth Mindset is stated as being “the belief that your basic qualities are things you can

cultivate through your efforts” (p. 76). A person obtaining Growth Mindset does not need

constant reassurance from others on how intelligent or skillful they are. There is no time or

energy wasted on focusing on any issues or situations other than the one at hand. Dweck later

goes on to explain that Growth Mindset is a trait that can be developed over time

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