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In life we tend to see failure as a terrible thing. When we do fail, most of the time we want to give up and see it as the end of the world. However there are few that see failure as an opportunity to do better and rethink the mistakes that were made in the past. Angela Duckworth, Emily Hanford, and CarolDweck all provide their research on how one can have highachievement e in life. Angela’s Duckworthresearch on grit proposes the idea that if someone stays persistence for a long time they can master something. Carol Dweck’s view on a growth mindset reveals that someone who is optimistic during tuff situations can learn from their experience. Grit and mindset are both needed when it comes to growing and becoming a high achiever.…show more content…
According to Angela Duckworth grit is defined as, “sticking with something long term until you master them.” In other words Hanford describes grit…show more content…
Hanford’s article also provides the example of the spelling bee, “In a study we found of finalist in the spelling bee, we found that grittier children completed more hours of deliberate practice [Pg. 52]”. Connecting Duckworth and Hanford’s article they both use the spelling bee to provide an example to understand the true definition of grit. In the article “Mindset,” by Carol Dweck, Dweck provides a definition and example of two mindsets. She focuses on having a growth mindset, since most people that obtain a growth mindset are most likely to be more successful in life. While on the other hand those with a fixed mindset give up easier. The article compares two mindsets by giving reactions to a vignette, which detailed someone having a bad day. Those with a growth mindset reacted to the vignette in a positive way .As I begin to mature I can connect to the vignette to my personal life because most teenagers do have bad days. Growing up failure was not an option for me. However I realized in order for me to mature, I have to see failure as an opportunity to grow and improve. Therefore failing chemistry in my junior year of high school was a way for me to improve

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