Grit And Growth Mindset Essay

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The Influence of Grit and Growth Mindset in one’s life In Eduardo Briceno’s view “The key to success is not simply effort, focus, or resilience, it is the growth mindset that creates them.” Grit is the quality that enables individuals to work hard enough and stick to their long-term passions and goals. Growth mindset is the intelligence that can be developed and the ability to accept debacle. Two special features that will help one achieve in academics, personal life, and career are grit and growth mindset. A person that possesses grit indicates passion and perseverance in whatever they propose themselves to do. People with a growth mindset focus more on improving rather than worrying about how smart they are. These two last aspects can aid an individual achieve in academics. Briceno states “Those students with the growth mindset, the ones who thought that they could change their own intelligence increased their grades over time.” The essence of Briceno’s argument is that when people work harder to learn more, in addition they become smarter and obtain better results. …show more content…

Several studies have been done in different types of people to see how these two characteristics can assist oneself achieve in career. Duckworth herself writes, “...about 1 in 20 cadets drops out during summer of training before their first academic year...grit was the best predictor of which cadets would stick around through that first difficult summer...In fact, it was a much better predictor than the Whole Candidate Score, which West Point at that time thought was their best predictor of success.” Her point is that test scores do not determine how sage, fortitudinous, or adroit someone is. On the other hand grit does predict success over and beyond talent. “The most successful people in life are both talented and gritty in whatever they’ve chosen to do,” claimed

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