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The way we think greatly influences our perspective on life and our actions. Life can be challenging and from time to time there will be major setbacks however, having a growth mindset and grit contributes to success. A growth mindset is the ability to develop and alter certain qualities to achieve success. Even if you are in an unfavorable situation a growth mindset allows you to change, giving you a better chance at success. Being gritty is a tremendous advantage because you do not have to be born with intelligence you can always work harder to compensate. Having grit correlates to a growth mindset because in order to develop you have to have grit; this means going above and beyond by working harder to achieve a goal. If you …show more content…

The article stated, “people who are not as bright as their peers “compensate by working harder with more determination’” (p.46). This relates to my experience because since I felt slower I had to work harder and study longer. As a result, I even received better grades than most of peers. Growth mindset is defined in the article, “Mindset” by Carol Dweck. Dweck explains, “This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts” (p. 76). In other words Dweck means that people with a growth mindset feel that their traits can develop and change if they work towards a task. An event that happens does not define a person or reflects who they are; there is always room for improvement. In the beginning of last school year I was put into Spanish class. I did my work as usual but I noticed that I was way behind and lost, considering the fact that I last had Spanish two years ago. Things were serious when I received an unfavorable grade on a project and it was a catastrophe when I saw that I failed a test. I admit that I panicked however, I demonstrated a growth mindset in

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