The Perils Of Praise And Promise Summary

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Growth or Fixed Mindset
In Carol Dweck’s article “The Perils of Praise and Promise” she explains the difference between a growth and fixed mind-set. Dweck says” In a fixed mind-set, students care first and foremost about how they will be judged; smart or not smart. Repeatedly students with this mind-set reject opportunities to learn if they might make mistakes. When they do make mistakes or reveal deficiencies, rather than correct, they try to hide the mistakes.” Dweck says this about a growth mind-set “By contrast in growth mind-set, students care about learning. When they make mistakes or exhibit a deficiency they correct it, for them effort is a positive thing.” For instance, my brother has a fixed mind-set and my cousins has a growth mind-set, they have many similarities and differences. My brother has a fixed mind-set because he doesn’t try very hard in school. My brother is one of those types that think you can do everything at school and there is no need for studying, for example he had a math test he asked me to help him prepare for and the day we had planned to study he went to a …show more content…

Neither one of the mind-sets are perfect they both make mistakes. The differences between the two mind-sets have a very wide variety. A fixed mind-set person isn’t very willing to learn because they are afraid they will be judged by their mistakes but someone with a growth min-set is always willing to learn even though they have to correct their mistakes “effort is a positive thing for them.” People with a fixed mind-set also have the tendency to hide their mistakes which often get them in more trouble than they were already in. In my opinion the growth mind-set would be more beneficial to someone because they have more opportunities to learn new things unlike those with the fixed mind-set. I personally have a growth mind-set I’m not the best at fixing my mistakes but I am always willing to

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