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Learning about grit and what a growth mindset is allowed me to realized that grit and a

growth mindset work together to support success. Grit is the motivation one possess that will

determine whether they win or lose. The grittier a person is the more they learn, get experience

and discover their potentials. All of these things define what a growth mindset is. In other words,

a growth mindset is discovering your unknown potentials. In order to discover one's potentials

they must become knowledgeable of new things and explore their capabilities. Grit and a growth

mindset cause people to become achievers. The advantage of this is to know that one has

accomplished something great. The feeling of accomplishment is one of greatness, relief …show more content…


a middle school student I was always horrible in math. It truly was my worst subject. Lucky

enough for me I was able to pass with the lowest scores possible. As I graduated and entered

high school, I realized that it was no longer that easy to pass without knowing the material. So

because of this I knew I had to study and take time out to really grasp the methods and learn

how to use them. I would study math for an hour everyday and by the second semester of that

year I scored the highest grades in math ever. This just proves that when your gritty you can

accomplish meaningful things.

The second article "Mindset," by Carol Dweck, describes growth mindset as a belief in

which one's basic qualities are things you can cultivate through efforts. This means that one is

optimistic about their performance. For example, they will not beat themselves up over a bad

grade, but do better the next time. A growth mindset also means that a person grows as they

learn more. Back in middle school was when I first enrolled myself into a dance class. Prior

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