Grit Vs Mindset

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Everyone sets goals, and everyone attempts to achieve them. However, how many actually follow through? How many give up when it gets too difficult or overwhelming? How many take failing to reach a goal as a sign for their entire life’s success? These are all intertwined with mindset and grit. The ideas behind both theories are determination and the way you perceive accomplishments and failures. There are supposedly two types of mindsets, the fixed mindset and growth mindset; fixed expresses the inability to achieve more than your intelligence qualifies while growth emphasizes the idea that there is always room for development and, with that, one can accomplish anything they want. Grit is a bit different, it is more of a trait …show more content…

A growth mindset enforces trial and error for success, while grit is the amount of effort someone puts into the trial and error in order to achieve those goals he or she has set. “Angela Duckworth and the Research on Grit,” by Emily Hanford and, “Mindset,” by Carol Dweck both develop grit and mindset, respectively; with the help of both articles, one can understand how grit affects mindset and how both work together to ensure success. “She defines grit as ‘sticking with things over the very long term until you master them’” (p.46). Emily Hanford does well in giving the definitions and examples from professor Duckworth’s research as well as establishing her own ideas. However, this definition of grit is from Duckworth herself. It, again, claims that grit is relative to the amount of persistence you have in respect to using it to achieve mastery. Consider this, you have an essay to complete by tomorrow, it is eleven at night and you have to wake up at six in the morning to get to school on time. Do you stay up and give the essay the best you can, avoiding plagiarism and informalities, or do you just give yourself an hour to write something and whatever you have is what

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