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The Greatness in Grit There are many important human traits but I am only going to be talking about one that one trait is grit. Grit is a strong trait that some people have and other people don’t it is not something that can be taught it is something that must always be there and most people have some amount of grit big or small it always makes a difference in their character and their integrity. Grit is strength and courage it is the ability to stand up to a bully or stand up for your beliefs or the beliefs of other people and the ability to keep going when everyone else gives up It is the ability to go past your comfort zone and to stop being mediocre or normal and to never give up and to push past the breaking point even when it feels …show more content…

Another way grit can be used is in determination and the unknown this year was my first year ever wrestling in my life the only reason I decided to wrestle was for football because the football coach talked me into it he said it would make me a better football player so I had no idea what was in store for me wrestling is one of the hardest sports I have ever done and it's because it takes everything you have physically and mentally after the first couple weeks I was dead and I started to get as much rest as possible after that point on just so I could stay awake in class and when I got home I would collapse onto the couch because I was exhausted. I had to wrestle varsity as well my first year ever wrestling I knew nothing about wrestling but decided why not it can’t hurt so I have wrestled varsity all of my first year and am getting to go to districts to try and make it to state here soon it has taken every ounce of grit that I could muster to go and face up against kids that have been wrestling for years and know what they are doing and I went out there and faced them and I gave it my all every

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