ASMSA Personal Statement

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To live, study and work with students like me from all across Arkansas, would not only be an honor but an extraordinary and challenging experience for my mental capabilities. Attending ASMSA would be a great opportunity to thoroughly express my hard work ethic and dedication. With my persistence, I could accomplish anything and everything. I believe that by attending ASMSA, I would better help prepare myself for my future and make extraordinary achievements. My role as part of the ASMSA community would not simply be a student, but rather be an achiever. To be an achiever one must have ‘true grit’. ‘True grit’ is strength, charisma and dedication all-in-one. It’s the aspect that sets determined students apart from others. A strong minded student …show more content…

I intend to further push my dedication beyond my education, and into the work I choose to follow up with in life. If I were invited to attend ASMSA, I would focus my studies around a science stand point, with classes such as Biomedical Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, Immunology, etc.; my studies would be limitless. ASMSA will advance my learning skills and help to prepare me into becoming successful. ASMSA’s rigorous courses help students, willing to challenge themselves, to be more studious and driven in their work. Living in my work, would allow me to ‘one on one’ experience the difficulty and embrace the challenges ASMSA offers. ASMSA is for those who want the challenge to motivate and sculpt them into a well diligent student. The level of difficulty ASMSA has to offer, is exactly what I am looking for in order to be successful in life. I, personally, want to set an example for others, and show them that life is too special to just make ends meet. I want to be a leader, and lead others into becoming a leader. I want to accomplish great things in life. ASMSA is a challenge. I want to embrace that challenge and make opportunities by preparing myself to be a strong, independent

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