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Everyone wants to be successful and achieve great things but how can being gritty

and having a growth mindset help in this regard? To me, grit is just another way of saying

courage, determination and persistence. Grit allows you to work really hard on things for long

periods of time. By “Things” I mean your passions or goals. When you have a particular goal,

grit comes in handy because it gives you the motivation to be successful in your objective. With

grit you also need physical and mental strength and to have endurance. As for the growth

mindset, just by analyzing a person’s dedication and hard work, you can tell they have a growth

mindset. The individual basically believes that you learn from your mistakes and that you can …show more content…

In some ways, I believe being gritty and having a growth mindset are very

similar. In fact, it seems like you can’t be truly gritty without having a growth mindset. Being

gritty can help someone with a growth mindset succeed just by allowing an individual with this

mindset to not only have dedication and be able to learn from his or her mistakes but to also stick

with whatever it is they were trying to accomplish until it is mastered.

Grit can be really helpful in many situations. According to “Angela Duckworth and

the Research on Grit” by Emily Hanford, the definition of grit is “sticking with things over the

very long term until you master them”. In other words Hanford believes that grit is consistently

working through something until it becomes easy or natural for you. An individual with grit will

keep their interest and effort towards a long term goal that they may have. Personally having grit

has helped me in many situations but more specifically growing up with the goal to become a

professional singer. I’ve always had a good singing voice but because I loved it so much and I

want to be great, I made it my business to learn more about the voice, vocal and music

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