Fixed Mindet Essay

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To begin with, the challenges of having a growth and fixed mindset these mindset will bring accomplishments and failures.To become a better student effort needs to come into action, challenging the mind and not be affarid of failling For instance, to accomplish the goals in life, a choice is required and i must hold myself accountable. Therefore, staying positive, working hard, and become patient with others which also includes me personally. Most noticeably, having a fixed mindset brings anger, depressions, and many personal problems. While, saying this repeatedly it has pushed me back from being successful at life. In addition, to having, both mindsets this will bring challenges, so renewing of the mind required. Since, I have been taking care of myself, I have been pushing myself to have a growth mindset. . Over the years I have found some techniques to help myself with learning new things. While, I was in a program they noticed I used my hands a lot, so this lead into tactile learning. Whereas, I know I have the abilities I just needed to be pushed and praised from a loving and kind person. because, being miserable is not what i have in store for myself. I will not say I CANT DO IT another word that follows behind that saying and that is YET! …show more content…

When I was in the fourth grade, i found out I had a learning disability. Living with the label dyslexia has put a toll on me; therefore, learning things in school have been a struggle. At the same time, this helped teachers understand why I was not doing well in school. Of course, I still stayed negative because i had that mindset of How can I be successful in life. Furth more, how can I accomplish the simplest things in life if i cannot learn? This fixed mindset has destroyed my self-esteem on how i believe i can not create a passion for

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