Growth Mindset Characteristics

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Grit is a personal trait gained through situations during life that a person overcame. The advantages of being greedy are that you're strong and courageous and two you can get past anything because you through it already. The growth mindset, as well as great, is always adapting and being able to overcome obstacles and learn from them. The advantages of having a growth mindset are gaining your traits through experience and being ready and prepared for any tough situations in the future. Being gritty helps a person with a growth mindset succeed by being prepared and ready for any obstacles that requires grit, problem-solving abilities, and persistence.
According to Emily Hanford's article, "Angela Duckworth and the Research on Grit," being gritty is, "she defines great as sticking with things over the very long term until you have mastered them." In the paper, she writes that a gritty individual approaches achievement as a marathon; his or her advantage is stamina."in other words, Hanford states that if you study something that is difficult, over a period of time, your master that particular topic. My instance of grit …show more content…

During a time in my life, that I used a growth mindset is when I was demoted to a lower level soccer team from my advanced soccer team. I had become complacent at where I was was in my soccer ability, until I was demoted. Although I was devastated I recognized my flaw and wanted to change it. After that I worked hard and diligent at practice and on my own time to be on the advanced team. I practiced all the time until I got back on my original team. I realized my mistake, adapted and fixed

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