Stephen Covey: If You Need The Right Role Model

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If you want to have the right mindset of success in what you’re doing, you need the right role model. You firstly need to determine what your pursuit is. There’s always a high likelihood that some have succeeded in that field. Choose your role model(s) among them. It would be more beneficial if you’re able to find those among them who have either a little or a lot of things in common with you. The fact that their circumstances are similar to yours may make learning from them easier for you because you can more readily identify with what they’ve been through.
Remember that you’re shaping your own mindset. It’s not that you’re copying any role model. You can’t be exactly like that person because no two individuals can have exactly the same life circumstances. That means that you would only adopt whatever you believe is right for you in the …show more content…

educator, author, and a leadership consultant, Stephen Covey, puts it, “Goal-setting is obviously a powerful process. It’s the manifestation of the creative and independent will. It’s the practicality of translating a vision into an achievable and actionable doing.”
What does that mean? This:
1. If you have the growth mindset, you need to make effort to achieve your goals.
2. Something inside of you may want to prevent it. You were born with it.
If you had allowed it to be pushed to the background by the negative things happening around you or by the people and things you’ve come across in life, now is the time to bring it to the forefront if you want to change your mindset to the growth one.
You need to identify what your mind, your heart, your body, or your spirit is telling you at different times.
In your inner dialogue, you may be confronted with some questions framed differently by your mind, your heart, your body, and your spirit. Know what each of the four is asking you and be sure to discipline anyone of them that is leading you to a negative belief about yourself.
For example, you might

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