Persuasive Essay On Your Role Model

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If you want to have the right mindset of success in what you’re doing, you need the right role model. You firstly need to determine what your pursuit is. There’s always a high likelihood that some have succeeded in that field. Choose your role model(s) among them. It would be more beneficial if you’re able to find those among them who have either a little or a lot of things in common with you. The fact that their circumstances are similar to yours may make learning from them easier for you because you can more readily identify with what they’ve been through. Remember that you’re shaping your own mindset. It’s not that you’re copying any role model. You can’t be exactly like that person because no two individuals can have exactly the same life circumstances. That means that you would only adopt whatever you believe is right for you in the positive steps they take in life and add it to your own life. Actions:  Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, if I am the person that faced this challenge, how would I have handled it?  Have I ever encountered a situation that has a little or much similarity?  How did I handle it?  How would I handle it in the future? You may never come across the exact situation they passed through, but if you put yourself in their shoes and feel how they felt so that you can understand their thinking. That thinking is exactly what you need. Take their advice personal. Learn to think like your role models and your life will face the direction of
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