Theme Of Symbolism In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a challenging novel that will make you think, question, and agree with many choices made. Montag, the main character is a fireman married to Mildred. Montag works along with his partners and Captain, Beatty. Montag starts to dislike his job and begins reading lots of books. He is overwhelmed and can 't understand what he is reading so he threatens Faber, an old wise man he had met, into helping him learn from what he is reading. Beatty does not like Montags choice. Montag is pushed by beatty to burn down his own house. Montag kills Beatty and does everything to escape the Hound that Beatty had set to attack him. Montag ends up floating down the river and escapes the hound. He runs into a group of retired men who have memorized books that the town has burned away. At the end of the story, the men all witness the bombing of the town which leads to a new start for all who survived. Fahrenheit 451 is a novel filled with lots of dangerous acts of censorship which is shown through symbolism, motif, and imagery. Ray Bradbury uses imagery as a…show more content…
Bradbury also uses the motif of fire to show the dangers of censorship. At the beginning of the book, fire shows destruction. “ A great nuzzling gout of fire leapt out to lap at the books and knock them against the wall” (Bradbury 3.29). The is a literal act of censorship. The books are being burned so people are unable to read them. By the end of the book fire has another meaning, it shows warmth, togetherness, and safety. “ But the light had come from the campfire, and these men had seemed no different than any others who had run a long race…” (Bradbury 3.352). In this quote they have overcome the danger of censorship, they are beginning to feel secure. Bradbury repeated fire in the novel to show how some people are censored from the powers of fire. They are only able to see the positive or the negative. Fahrenheit 451 shows both views and how fire can cause very dangerous
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