Themes And Characters In The Jewelry By Guy De Maupassant

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“The Jewelry” is a short story written by Guy De Maupassant where M. Lantin marries a woman that loves jewelry and bought a new piece of jewelry everyday. He loved her dearly but could not stand the obsession she had for her fake jewelry collection. M. Lantins wife became really sick and died of pneumonia. He was then left by himself and became very poor. He had nothing left and needed to make money somehow. M. Lantin turned to his late wife’s jewelry collection; he knew that it was fake jewelry but he was desperate and was in need of money. He took the jewelry to a jewelry store expecting to receive only a few francs but then he was told he was receiving thousands of francs. M. Lantin was in shock and could not believe that the entire time it was real jewelry and not fake; he became a very wealthy man and resigned from his job, eventually marrying another woman who made his wife miserable. M. Lantin’s first wife had a big impact on his life; however, his selfish actions lead to what he deserved ending up with a wife that made him miserable. M. Lantin’s first wife was a young beautiful woman who he fell deeply in love with, she was the ideal woman that any of the men would want in their life. Maupassant refers to her as: “The young girl seemed to be very ideal of that purge good woman to whom every young man dreams of entrusting his future. Her modest beauty had a charm of angelic shyness; and the slight smile that always dwelt about her lips seemed as reflection of her

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