Themes Of A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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The Hardship of a Child Soldier
Bang! Bang! “At that instant several gunshots, which sounded like thunder striking the tin-roofed houses, took over town. The sound of guns was so terrifying it confused everyone” (Beah 23). A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah conveys his journey through war and hardship as a child soldier. Sierra Leone, a country on the western coast of Africa, was in civil war. Throughout the country, bloodshed was bountiful as battles were being fought and lives were being lost. Ishmael Beah was introduced to war at a young age and had to learn how to survive the war stricken lands of Sierra Leone. Beah had to persistently look for food, face unimaginable dangers and run from the battle front. Eventually getting captured by the …show more content…

Beah went through war as a child soldier having to fight daily against the rebels. “I lay there with my gun pointed in front of me, unable to shoot… I felt as if the ground had turned upside down and I was going to fall off... I couldn't think, but I could hear the sounds of the guns far away in the distance and the cries of people dying in pain.” (Beah 117-118) Beah was going through something that was utterly horrible and terrifying. After going through war as a child soldier Beah went through rehabilitation to be able to live a somewhat normal life again.“... my migraines had returned with a vengeance. It was as if a blacksmith had an anvil in my head… I cringed and rolled around on the floor… No one paid any attention, as everyone was busy going through their own withdrawal stages.” (Beah 140) Beah had to go through withdrawals that was caused by being a soldier. However Beah was able to be rehabilitated and live with his uncle and integrate back into life. “When the day of my repatriation finally came, I packed my few belongings in a plastic bag. I had a pair of sneakers, four T-shirts, three shorts, toothpaste..” (Beah 180) Beah did not have much, only a couple of t-shirts and shorts. Beah’s journey through war and rehabilitation showed his will to survive and overcome even the most vigorous of

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